October 23, 2010

Expert Darien Personal Trainer Explains the #1 Reason that people "can't" lose weight...

Since I was in middle school, I've been in and out of many different fitness clubs, and I've definitely seen it all.  Unfortunately, the most common occurrence that I've come across is that many people do the same exact workouts week after week after week.  Then, they eventually become discouraged when the don't see or feel any changes even though they've been consistent and dedicated to their workouts.  Sound familiar???

Eventually, many have asked me for help and I always start my explanation with a great quote from Albert Einstein who said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 

This is the most important thing to remember when you're planning your workouts(because you are PLANNING your workouts right?).  The most basic principles of fitness and the human body state that you will adapt to whatever new stress you place upon your body.  In this case the stress is your workout.  When you lift weight's you "stress" your muscular and skeletal systems.  Then, your body adapts and builds stronger muscles and stronger bones to be better prepared for the next time that you have to lift a heavy object.  The same goes for cardio...  When you do cardio you "stress" your heart, your respiratory system, and your circulatory system.  Then, your body adapts and you have a stronger healthier heart as well as a greater ability to perform that same bout of cardio the next time.

So, if you're doing the same thing every time that you workout, then what does your body have to adapt to?  It doesn't have anything to adapt to so it doesn't.  This is why progress often stops, and this is the number one reason that most people end up discouraged and learn to accept the fact that they "can't" lose weight.  You must understand that your body likes to maintain a state of homeostasis.  To break out of this you must consistently provide something new to adapt to.  How to do you do this???

It's simple, just make your workout slightly harder or at the very least slightly different every time.  Here are a few variables to work with...

Cardio- run, bike, swim, elliptical, etc... Change your speed, duration, or incline/resistance.  Try to do intervals instead of steady state cardio or vise versa.

Resistance Training- Change the exercises you perform, the repetitions in each set, the number of sets in each exercise, or the total number of exercises.  If you normally work you're whole body, try to work just lower body one day and just upper body the next day or vise versa.

Changing your body can be much more complicated than this, but this is one huge step in the right direction!

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