January 14, 2011

3 Great Core Exercises that work MORE than just your core!!!

bosu ball planks
BOSU Plank with alternating leg lifts- This move will challenge your ability to stabilize your core through motion and instability while activating your gluteal muscles.
Tip- Focus on stretching your leg back as far as you can instead of lifting it up as high as you can, pause for 2 seconds on top.  About 12 inches of motion is ideal, any more than this and you risk hyper-extension of your lower back.

russian twist on the ball russian twist
Physio ball Russian Twist- This move will challenge your rotational core muscles(obliques)while requiring you to contract your gluteals and hamstrings to maintain complete hip extension, balance, and stability throughout your trunk. 
Tip- Drive your heals down into the ground as you rotate towards one side.  Drive the bottom shoulder into the ball allowing it to roll slightly sideways until your shoulders are perpendicular with your hips as seen in the second photo.

isometric stomach exercise
Plank with feet on a Physio ball- This move will work the entire midsection.  Having you feet elevated places and addition load on your shoulders and triceps.
Tip- Keep your ankles flexed so that you toes are pressed firmly against the ball as seen in the photo.  If this is too difficult you can start with both shins on the ball.

These exercises are meant for healthy injury-free individuals.  For modifications, loading, and/or set and repetition schemes please contact me at chris@203fitness.com

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